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we also started from a small reality, but today our product assortment includes over 3500 standard articles and...

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make the experience of creative design from the kunstdünger gmbh - the italian design company for three-dimensional forms of communication.

3500 standard products, over 80 active customers all over the world and an ever growing number of creative solutions for your presentation/exhibition and information. Welcome to Kunstdünger!


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  • 20 roaring years for KD
    Written on Wednesday, 05 August 2015
    20 roaring years for KD

    it was on august 24th in 1995 when kunstdünger was founded by the two young and courageaous designers adi linter and christian walzl.
„ Self-satisfaction is the biggest
enemy of innovation and quality. “

~ hans-olaf henkel




trendy decoration with intelligent corn: behind the printed matrial is a sound-aborbing isolation. you can use silentart products as space disconnector or decorative mural



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stylish dividers enable our binder from the ixbond serie. classy in beamless-silver there is a ixbond for 4 several chevrons. stagless they connect your printed bedruckten composite boards, wood- or glaspanels to clever elements. if space disconnector, container or control panel, the ixbond connector makes it possible.
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signcode in-out


signcode in-out

with a view clearness if a space is vacant or occupied? signcode in-out makes it possible!simply move the deck plate with your hand and at once you know about it. We offer standard in-out in 3 languages, natch we also realize other motives. ask us, we will advise you.

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the kd system

how experts work

every product starts from a good idea. we hear often this question: “isn´t there a better idea to solve this problem?” or “do you have better alternatives?”. the most relevant input starts from our design team: through web researches, new products which are not yet part of our choice list are added and the ones which are already there are bettered in order to render visual communication more immediate. 

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kunstdünger - visual communication

kunstünger: an Italian design factory specialized in the field of three-dimensional communication.  the home of designers, artists and vendors, where clever ideas find their realization through standard solutions for pos, showrooms and office products.





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